Play School

Our play school is designed to deliver holistic learning to kids. Our curriculum not only focuses on academics but also on the overall moral, social, and emotional development of the child, to help them become responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Ingraining values such as respect and empathy in children is core to our institution’s value and goal. Our qualified and experienced faculty come up with customized methods to address the learning needs of every single child. We understand that every child learns at their own pace and our counselling initiative has been especially designed to honour this need.

We have also introduced technology into learning to align the kids of today to what they respond to best. With a healthy balance of smart learning platforms and dedicated Montessori method of teaching that boosts kinaesthetic learning, we ensure every child can learn in a way that suits them best. With our learning tools, methodologies and amenities, we aim to boost every child’s inherent creative, observative, imaginative and curious self to help them in their march towards greater heights.