About Kids Foundation

Our aim is to help the children in our care, discover the joy of learning through exploring the wonderful world around them. We believe that we can help the overall development of your child's early potential to the fullest and give them the self-confidence to move effortlessly into school life when the time comes.

We are situated in a wonderfully secluded and quiet location in the lush green area of Purvanchal Royal City, a gated community, situated in Greater Noida where children can play safely and experience an exciting indoor as well as outdoor lifestyle.

Fresh air and exercise along with lots of creative play account for the healthy appetite. Our premises include homemade snacks and meals created by our own chefs, all of whom have a passion for working for children.

Kids Foundation School is an initiative by the renowned builder and politician Mr. Shah Alam with the intent of providing children with an environment focusing on healthy lifestyle and creative thought process. The entire foundation of the school ethos is based upon Mr. Shah Alam’s approach to his own children using a very simple rule: if it isn't good enough for his children, it isn't good enough for yours. With 8 years of experience in education, Fakeha Mazhar, the principal of our school have mastered the art of identifying the needs of any student and enacting accordingly, so that they could enter their reception class with a broad set of early life experiences and be able to adapt far more readily to their new environment and settle in quickly. This will give them a fantastic start to their school life and mean that they could begin integrating and learning straight away.

We would like to offer your child a place at Kids Foundation School where they can enjoy all the benefits of the early years' learning culture. To ensure that each child's needs are met as they grow they are managed by highly qualified and experienced staff. In this way we can ensure your child is enjoying their time with us and receiving the very highest standards of care.

“Every Student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way.”

- George Evans