Built over an area of 30,260 sq.ft. Kids Foundation provides ample space for kids to learn and enjoy while they are school. With large, spacious, and well-lit classes and well-padded play area to ensure their safety while they are having fun, we ensure that students are safe while they are at school.


All our classrooms are airconditioned and also source in a good amount of sun light while keeping the indoors cool. We ensure our students have a lot of space to move around and explore within their classrooms with dedicated toy and book sections in every classroom, while the walls are dotted with ample activities and puzzles to build upon their problem-solving as well as, kinaesthetic skills.


A large playground within the premises with grass padded grounds and slides and outdoor fun activities like trampoline have been provided, as well. An indoor, open-air playground also houses a small pool and wall-climbing activities to keep the students engaged while they play in a cool, shaded area.

Day Care

The day-care centre has been designed to be like a home away from home. With soft beds and a comfortable play area and reading nook, we ensure that children of all ages have a nice place to rest and work on their school homework. Learn more.

Lunch Room

Our dining room is especially designed to instil dining and table etiquettes among our students. They learn to sit together during meal times, put on their aprons and eat along with their peers. Creating strong foundation for good habits in kids starts by following a routine such as eating together, clearing their own plates, and enjoying a meal without electronic/media intervention.

AV Room

Dance Room