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Dr. Jagat Singh Thakur
Kids Foundation

Director's Profile

With over 25 years of experience in research and with over 50 published research articles in journals of international repute, Dr. Thakur’s association with the field of education has been a long one. As Vice-President of Planning and Business Promotion at Purvanchal Group, Dr. Thakur, a visionary and a leadership role model, helped Purvanchal achieve great success and a lot of acclaim. Dr. Thakur holds three Masters degrees, one of which is an M.Tech degree from IIT, Delhi and also holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry. He has co-authored The Qureshi, which is a collection of letters on Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry.

For a person with so many years of rich experience in the field of education and as the Director of Kids Foundation, Dr. Thakur hopes to bring in the right amount of reform in the way education is imparted to children, that the world needs. It is his belief that there are no secrets to success and that success is found in continuous learning and hard work.