Jessica Smith
Mr. Shah Alam
Chairman & Managing Director
(Purvanchal Group)

Chairman's Profile

A young and dynamic entrepreneur and a passionate educationist, Shah Alam started his career as a management trainee at a construction firm. It was during this time that he gained a lot of exposure to the various facets of the construction industry. He also handled office and site administration duties which further enabled him to understand the industry thoroughly.

With an MBA in Finance, Mr. Alam has been using his education in Finance and Management along with his experience in the construction industry, to bring the Purvanchal group to the very helm of the Construction and Real Estate industry.

It is not only the Real Estate world where Mr. Alam has created a stir by differentiating the Purvanchal brand by creatingdelightful experiences for the customer, but in the Education industry, as well.

A keen learner himself and as a person dedicated to promoting quality education, Mr. Alam founded the AzamgarhPublic School in the year 2012. With the same zeal for spreading quality education and helping children learn in the ways best suited to their particular needs, he founded Kids Foundation in 2019. In his educational pursuits, too, Mr. Alam ensures to leave no stones unturned when it comes to providing the best in the education industry, be it the staff, faculty, learning environment, or infrastructure.

A visionary who puts in every effort to realize his ideas, Mr. Alam is “all-round leadership” personified. His futuristic way of thinking, planning, and executing is admired by everyone, from clients and colleagues to peers and staff. He is the living example of the philosophy that he holds so close his heart:

“What is good should become better and what is better should become the best. But you should never rest, till you become the best.”