We believe that our people are our greatest strength. We are committed to hiring talented individuals and promoting diversity in the workplace. We are dedicated to creating a professional, fulfilling and challenging work environment for you and we try to help you find the right balance between your work and home life. We encourage our employees to drive their career and take on new challenges in order to grow. We believe, however, that the most effective way for you to grow as an employee is through self-managed learning and on the job training, based on challenging work assignments, opportunities for cross-functional projects and job rotation.

The relationship with employees is based on mutual respect and value for every individual. Teamwork, integrity, honesty, open and constructive communication with employees, all playing a pivotal part in the way the group operates. The key to our success is our ability to attract and retain talented resources that look forward for making their career with Kids Foundation

If you are aspiring to join a professional organization that promotes career and personal growth, please submit your resume through mail at info@kidsfoundation.co.in. Our Human Resource team will contact you whenever they will find a suitable job for you, as per your professional experience.

“Every Student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way.”

- George Evans