“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”

Kids Foundation aims to attain holistic development of all our students. We strive to accomplish the same by including as many activities as possible into our curriculum, so that students can choose a hobby of their choice and build upon them, as per their own comfort. With all the activities, comes lots of exposure to new things in life. As much as academics are matter in every student’s life, it is also important to help them grow interest in education by alternative methods to make academics and hobby development, both, an interesting concept for them.

List of our activities include:
Montessori Learning – To develop on the kinaesthetic skills of our students.
Dance – To help keep fit and channel their energies in a product manner.
Self-defence – To empower them with the necessary skills to protect their own selves.
Foreign language – To enable these global citizens of tomorrow enjoy the joys of travelling without language barriers.
Art & craft – To build on their ability to conceptualize and create.
Role play – To help inculcate empathy and enable them to respond to different situation in a smart manner.
Storytelling – To give them the tools to transfer their active imagination to perfect words and emotions.